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Meet the guys who make Motolek the preferred auto-service provider for Kouga residents

Dawid Bakkes

The team

Our mission

Have you ever felt ripped off by the guys fixing your car? If that’s the case, you’re our ideal customer!

There’s a widespread public distrust in the auto-electrical/mechanical field, and for good reason. Good, honest auto-electricians and mechanics are hard to find.

Bakkes Motolek is out to change that and set the record straight.

Long-term relationships

Our goal is to build long term relationships with customers looking for quality, affordable auto-electrical and mechanical services.

We want you to return to us time and again for all your auto-electrical needs.

Think about it…

Is it not easier for you to bring your vehicle to a trusted provider you already know will give your vehicle the treatment it deserves, without you having to worry about whether your car will be turned into a taxi or shopping trolley, or be used for a weekend trip?

Top of mind

We want you to recommend us to your friends and family so we can form long term relationships with them too; anyone within a 40 km radius must hear of our auto-electrical service and know that we’re the best provider.

We must be top of mind when you’re looking for someone who can sort your vehicle’s auto-electrical problems quickly and correctly.

For all people

Although we service vehicles for lawyers, doctors and politicians, our goal is to be a top auto-service provider to the everyman; those men and women who can’t afford to take their vehicle to the agents every time something goes wrong.

If that’s you, we’d love to meet you!

By repairing your vehicle, we repair the public’s trust in the trade.

Our prices are competitive enough to ensure you’ll feel part of the family when you walk into Bakkes Motolek.

All vehicle types

No matter what vehicle—from Corollas to Kombis to 1930 Ford Model A’s—we can work on it.

We’ll be able to fix your bakkie or car. That’s because we probably work on one just like yours at least a couple of times a year.

When your vehicle is in our garage, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the competent hands of a qualified and experienced staff members who’ll sort out the problem as quickly as possible, ensuring your vehicle does what it’s supposed to, which is get you from point A to point B safely and securely.

Great prices

Part of what makes Bakkes Motolek a preferred supplier of auto-electrical services to so many people in our region, is the fact that we can find the parts they need at competitive prices.

That’s because we’ve established amazing relationships with suppliers in the motor trade; suppliers who know that they must slash their prices in order for us to compete.

Because if they don’t keep their prices in check, we can’t give you the best price, and that means you’ll go elsewhere with your vehicle. And we don’t want that.

Suits your pocket

When it comes to aircons, starters, alternators, engine services, clutches or other automotive needs, it’s not a case of, “any colour, as long as it’s black!”

You can choose the parts and service that suit your pocket. When you’re cash strapped, we can help; when you’ve got a little bit more to spend, we can give you something better.

One thing we don’t compromise on though, is service.

Whether you purchase cheaper parts, or the most expensive parts on the market, our service remains top quality.

Decades of experience

You may take your vehicle anywhere you wish for auto-electrical services, but why would you?

Bakkes Motolek has been in the motor trade since 1980. That’s more than 40 years of servicing cars, bakkies and trucks.

That means that, if you have a problem with your car or bakkie, we’ve probably seen it before, which means we can make quick work of sorting out your problem and getting you back to enjoying your vehicle.

Unbeatable warranty

All of our parts and labour come with a warranty.

We take full responsibility for our labour, and if a client’s part fails we keep our suppliers vigorously accountable.

It’s our mission to provide the best service possible, at the most reasonable rates and to build a long term relationship with you, our customer.

You must be happy, or we won’t be.

Our vision

Restoring trust in the trade, one turn of the spanner at a time.

Our services

If you’re looking for the best auto-electrical service provider in the Kouga region, with a reputation that goes beyond our borders, you can’t go wrong with Bakkes Motolek. These are the automotive services we offer our clients.

View our automotive services

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