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Here's why you should only buy a GENUINE Bosch starter for your Toyota

Tuesday, January 18, 2022
You might be tempted to buy a generic starter for your Toyota bakkie or car, but decades of experience have taught us there's a reason Bosch is still number one.
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Bosch, known worldwide for its quality and longevity; has been manufacturing auto parts since 1886.

The brand is characterised by innovative strength and social commitment.

Bosch auto parts are superior to all other brands.

Instead of entrusting your car's performance to parts manufactured by imitators, choose Bosch parts to ensure your vehicle performs better for longer.

Two examples

It's not rare to see a Toyota starter lasting half a million kilometres.

Here are two real-life examples of Toyota vehicles in the Kouga region which benefited from using genuine Bosch starters.

Toyota Condor

A Kouga man bought a Toyota Condor back in 2000 and used it as his main family car for the next 18 years.

Since he has a large family, he depended on the vehicle to be in good running condition at all times.

Using cheap generic engine parts would have surely cost him dearly in the long run.

But since the Condor was fitter with a genuine Bosch starter, the vehicle ran with very little problems, if any, for the whole of the period it was owned by this man.

Here's the kicker though...

When they finally sold the Condor, they didn't replace the starter, but simply replaced the starter brushes.

After 18 years on the coast, the Condor had some serious rust issues. Yet the starter seemed to have no end, seemingly outliving the car.

Toyota Hilux

A 2007 Toyota Hilux D-4D arrived at our workshop with a starter issue.

This was the first trouble the owner had ever had with his bakkie's starter.

What makes it so significant, was that there was already over 500,000 kilometres on the clock!

That's a staggering distance to travel and NOT get starter issues.

Once again it proves the right move to buy a genuine Bosch starter.

In conclusion

Those are two examples of many, of why it makes sense to invest in a genuine Bosch starter for your Toyota vehicle.

Of course, the same can be said for all makes of vehicle.

Shop genuine Bosch starters now.

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