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Upgrading Your Vehicle's Audio System: Tips for Kouga Music Lovers

Transform your drive into a concert experience with an upgraded audio system. Kouga music lovers, this guide offers tips for choosing and installing the perfect sound setup.

Vehicle Audio Installation: Tuning into Jeffreys Bay's Vibes

Set your soundtrack to the scenic views of Jeffreys Bay with a professional vehicle audio installation. Discover how to enhance your driving experience with the perfect sound system.

Why Regular Top Gasket Fitting is Essential for Your Car's Health

Regular top gasket fitting prevents engine damage and maintains performance. Learn why it's crucial for your car's health and how it can save you from costly repairs.

The Essential Guide to CV Joints for Cars and Bakkies: Your Questions Answered

Discover the essentials of CV joints for cars and bakkies: signs of wear, impact of failure, maintenance tips, and when to seek professional repair. Keep your ride smooth and safe with Motolek.

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Battery

Just like the human heart is essential to keeping us breathing, living, and moving, the battery in your car does much the same for your vehicle.

Your Vehicle's Hidden Champion: The Starter Motor

A well-maintained starter motor ensures consistent and dependable starts, sparing you the frustration of a non-responsive engine. Discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle will get you where you need to go without a hitch.

Interesting Cars - Porsche 944

Read about our encounter with the formidable Porsche 944

Interesting Cars - Kubelwagen

Truly interesting cars are as rare as an ancient gem. Wonderful to see and worth the read.

When And Why To Service Your Car

Servicing your vehicle is as important as putting in fuel. Yet, we see people stuck next to the road, or get a phone call asking for help. Find out more now!

Here's why you should only buy a GENUINE Bosch starter for your Toyota

You might be tempted to buy a generic starter for your Toyota bakkie or car, but decades of experience have taught us there's a reason Bosch is still number one.

Now you can shop for your auto spares online

We've launched our new online spares shop, which means you can buy auto spares online.

End Of Dealerships' Monopoly

Dealerships no longer have the sole right to service your vehicle while it's still in its warranty period. But there is a catch...

How an annual aircon service could save you up to R15,000

Many people don't know this, but not servicing your vehicle's aircon could lead to far greater problems, like your compressor—the heart of your aircon system—breaking, which could cost you anything up to R15,000 to replace.

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