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Bakkes Motolek auto-electrical services

Bakkes Motolek in Humansdorp has been supplying auto-electrical services to Kouga residents (and beyond) for decades.

Our work ensures that our clients’ vehicles run smoothly once they leave our premises, no matter which ailment they arrived with.

Our staff is made up of individuals focused on giving you the best service you’ll ever experience. We’re committed to making you remember our name for all the right reasons.

Our five star RMI rating should convince you that your next auto-electrical or mechanical need should be attended to by Bakkes Motolek.

Book your vehicle today if you’re looking for a provider of automotive services that has your vehicle’s best performance at heart.

Our services

If you’re looking for the best auto-electrical service provider in the Kouga region, with a reputation that goes beyond our borders, you can’t go wrong with Bakkes Motolek. These are the automotive services we offer our clients.

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Dawid Bakkes

The team

Bakkes Motolek consists of a group of automotive professionals committed to giving you the best automotive service in the Kouga region.

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