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Servicing your aircon does more than just keep you cool. It prevents unnecessary and costly repairs.

Ask anyone who’s had to buy a new compressor because they didn’t service their aircon. They’ll tell you it’s not cool.

Bring in your bakkie or car for an aircon service to ensure it keeps you cool, but more importantly, doesn’t break, which could amount to far more than you’d be willing to spend to get it fixed.

We’ll refill your aircon gas, but before we do, we’ll check that everything is in good working order so you can enjoy driving around coolly, even if the road is melting around you.

Why you should have your aircon done at Motolek

There are a number of benefits to having your aircon serviced by the experts.


Chances are your vehicle’s aircon is not keeping your vehicle as cool as it once did. It could be because of a residual leak, blockages in the system, or years of neglect.

Servicing your aircon will guarantee that it performs as well as what you deserve.


A major part of a professional aircon service is running a cleaning oil through the system.

This removes dirt and dust particles from the pipes, which, if they clog up, could cost you an enormous sum of money to fix.

Many people bemoan the fact that they were never informed about the costs involved with fixing an aircon that was not serviced annually. Don’t be one of them.

See more here: How servicing your aircon could save you up to R15 000.

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