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Fuel supply

The engine turns, but she just won’t start.

Or perhaps an ominous odour of fuel nags your nostrils while you’re driving.

Both of those issues could be your fuel supply giving you trouble.

Your car’s fuel usage will naturally increase if it is a fuel supply problem. That will amount to more money spent on what’s fast becoming a luxury in South Africa.

Save cash in the long run. Bring in your vehicle and we’ll check out your fuel supply. If there’s a problem with your fuel supply we can help sort it out.

Why you should have your fuel supply checked at Motolek

There are a number of benefits to having your fuel supply checked by the experts.

Fuel efficiency

When your vehicle has an oversupply of fuel, much of it goes to waste, since there’s simply too much for your engine to burn.

As if paying more tax isn’t enough, you’re also now forking out far more cash on keeping your bakkie or car on the road.

It’s totally unnecessary. Bring in your vehicle and let Bakkes Motolek sort out your fuel supply issue.

It’ll save you a wad of cash. That means you can take your better half out for a steak and a movie.

Engine longevity

Your vehicle’s engine is a finely tuned machine, and in order for it to perform optimally, every aspect of it must run correctly.

If your engine is over-fuelled, the finely tuned machine has to overcompensate in other areas to keep the balance.

It won’t be long before you have far more problems than a fuel bill the size of the moon. As if that’s not enough already!

Bring in your vehicle and we’ll quickly check your fuel supply to ensure you’re not buying more petrol or diesel than you need.

And to ensure other parts of your engine aren’t taking strain because the system is trying to compensate for the fuel supply problem.

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