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Still hesitant to get into your bakkie or car at night for fear of not being able to see where you’re going because your headlights are worthless?

Not to mention the fact that other people can’t see you coming, making your night time driving a dangerous outing.

Focused, Fixed, and Fantastic Light.

Get your headlights shining straight and clear as day, and remove all hesitation you might feel over driving around at night.

Why you should get your lighting improved at Motolek

There are a number of benefits to having your lighting done by the experts.


You’re driving down the road at night, already going much slower than you’d like because you can’t see a thing thanks to your useless headlights, when a cow appears out of nowhere, causing you to swerve into the middle of the road.

You thought you’d be able to navigate the dark with your worthless headlights because you’re a good driver, right?

Or even worse, you’re driving along and someone slams into you because your vehicle’s lighting wasn’t up to standard.

Do you know the trouble you can get into for being a risk to others on a national road?

Don’t take chances! Get your headlights sorted and remain safe on the road, if not for yourself, at least for other drivers.


Perhaps you’re more than happy to crawl along at snail pace when you’re driving at night.

But if you want to be on time and don’t like to keep people waiting, you’d want to travel as fast as you can.

When your headlights don’t work, the faster you go, the more dangerous it becomes.

That’s why it’s important to drive with good vehicle lighting.

When your headlights work well you can travel at an efficient pace and reach your destination in time.

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