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Whatever your choice in music, whether electronic, dance, retro, rock, rap, hip-hop, R&B, metal, classical, indie, pop or death, you cannot deny that clear, loud sound is better than a faint buzzing in the corner of your cab.

We’ve got radios, speakers and amps; everything you need to make your ears jump with joy (and your friends green with envy), and can take your sound from drab to dynamite in no time.

Come visit us to see how we can help rocket your auditory senses to new heights.

Why you should have your sound upgraded at Motolek

There are a number of benefits to having your sound done by the experts.


You can’t sing along to your favourite hits if you can’t even hear the words.

And how will you know what oom Cyril said in his last speech if all you hear is crackling?

When your favourite tune starts playing and you turn up the volume only to be greeted by a grating buzz, it’s time to upgrade your sound.


You decide to take a special lady out on a date.

Your cabby isn’t all that new, but you’ve just given it the once over at a local car wash, so she’s at least clean.

But if your sound’s not sorted, instead of turning up the love a few notches, your date might be tempted to tune into someone else’s vibe.

Make sure she sticks around for the chorus by playing her

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