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So you stop at the Spar in Humansdorp, dash in to get a few things, jump back into your car and roll the key in the ignition.

It’s dead as justice in South Africa.

The battery is the heart of your vehicle. You’re not going anywhere if it stops working.

That means changing your battery is like doing a crucial heart transplant.

Just like a surgeon wouldn’t use a monkey heart to replace a human heart with, we don’t replace batteries with cheapies.

We replace a dead battery only with the best battery on the market.

It’s the same battery most major manufacturers bring all their new vehicles out with. There’s a reason they choose this battery, and there’s a reason we follow suit.

Bakkes Motolek is an official Battery Centre outlet.

Battery Centre

Why you should get your battery from Motolek

There are a number of benefits to getting your battery from the experts.



A car battery should last about six years. That is, if it’s a good battery and you look after it.

Bakkes Motolek sells a battery made by First National Battery and is trusted by top vehicle brands, including Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Nissan, Opel, Isuzu, Hyundai, Ford, Tata and Hino.

If you drive one of those brands and you need a new battery, bring your vehicle to Bakkes Motolek.

You’ll be getting exactly what you’re already driving around with, which is the best.

If you drive another brand, bring in your vehicle and get the best battery on the market. As simple as that.


We live in a country where getting stuck with a dead battery is not just a nuisance, it could be downright dangerous.

If you’re driving around with a battery that’s nearing its lifecycle, or you think it might be closing in on its last breath, rather bring in your vehicle so we can test it for you.

It’s a proactive step that could save your life.

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