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How an annual aircon service could save you up to R15,000

Friday, November 6, 2020
Many people don't know this, but not servicing your vehicle's aircon could lead to far greater problems, like your compressor—the heart of your aircon system—breaking, which could cost you anything up to R15,000 to replace.
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I cannot tell you how often customers complain that they were never informed that their aircon needed to be serviced annually. They often find this out too late, after the bill to fix their aircon ballooned to an unbelievable amount.

Why should your aircon be serviced regularly?

Because of the cost involved with fixing an aircon the compressor of which broke.

The problem is, many people think it's OK to have their aircon regassed without checking the system. And they have no problem with it being regassed by a backyard mechanic.

You can NOT take this route with your aircon.

There's far more to keeping your aircon working than simply regassing.

It's imperative to flush the system, do a vacuum check for leaks and fill it with much-needed lubricating oil.

Your aircon can only be regassed once all of these steps have been taken, because not following proper protocol WILL lead to the breakdown of your vehicle's aircon compressor.

When the compressor seizes it fills your aircon system with a teflon metal type material, which causes the rest of the aircon system to degrade.

It's not long before the condensor, the part of your aircon responsible for filtering impurities out of the aircon system, takes a dive.

Now it's not only the compressor that needs replacing, but also your condensor.

If you don't replace the condensor, the impurities penetrate the new compressor, repeating the costly cycle of deterioration.

Replacing a compressor without replacing the condensor won't do. Both parts need to be replaced, else your aircon will end up crashing.

That's why you should have your aircon serviced annually. So go ahead and book your aircon service with us today.

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