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Top gaskets

So your vehicle’s blown a top gasket and you’re stranded. You’re without your vehicle and it’s horrible to have to rely on other people to help get you around.

You needn’t suffer long.

Motolek can replace your top gasket in no time.

But we won’t just replace the top gasket. We’ll also skim your top to ensure the gasket fits snugly, to avoid further complications.

Why you should get your top gasket replaced at Motolek

There are a number of benefits to having your gasket replaced by the experts.


You’re without your vehicle. That means you’re either relying on family, friends or public transport. Not good. You want your vehicle running ASAP.

To ensure you don’t sit without your vehicle soon again, we take pains to do a good job of replacing your gasket.

We remove your engine’s head and assess the damage. If there are additional issues we’ll inform you.

Next we order the necessary parts while your head is sent to an engineering shop to be skimmed and pressure tested.

Once your head returns we assemble everything, making sure the gasket fits perfectly and the head is fastened to spec.

Now you’re ready to collect your vehicle and be your own boss again!

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