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CV joints

Your vehicle’s CV joints play an important part in ensuring your car takes corners smoothly.

If there’s a clacking or knocking sound, you might need new CV joints.

Bring in your vehicle so we can check your CV joints and replace if necessary.

Why you should have your CV joints checked at Motolek

There are a number of reasons to have your CV joints checked by the experts.

Peace of mind

That annoying clack-clack-clack sound your car made whenever you turned a corner will now be gone.

It might seem like a small issue, but if you don’t let us fix your CV joints, that annoying sound will keep reminding you of your busted CV joints, which will add to your daily worries.

Like a fever telling you that your body is in need of something, the clacking sound of CV joints is a welcome vexation if you consider that it’s a fair warning of something that might actually turn out to be dangerous if not dealt with.


A Jeffreys Bay local travelled the dirt road from Paradise Beach with his bakkie one day. He was taking his mother to Cape St Francis to visit a friend.

The trip went smoothly, despite the bakkie being old, and his mother had a lovely visit.

A few days later the man stopped at the BP garage in Jeffreys Bay to fill up his bakkie.

As he pulled away the bakkie jolted to a stop. It felt like he’d driven the front right wheel into a manhole.

Turns out the bakkie’s CV joint broke.

Had it happened on the dirt road on the way to Cape St Francis the bakkie would have landed on its roof in a ditch.

Who knows what would have happened to the man and his mother.

Having your CV joints checked could save you and your passengers’ lives.

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